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Updated as of 06/09/17

Click on the image below and register your ECG Fair 2017!



Updated as of 26/07/17

Come join in the fun and excitement at the 6th Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Symposium.

It will showcase interesting and creative ways to encourage children to learn and love MTL.


Registration for the sharing sessions and workshops is open.

Visit www.mtls.com.sg to register now!

When Family problems affect Children in School


Retired Principal, Mrs Jenny Yeo, shares how problems at home can affect a child’s learning in school.

Recently, one of my friends said, “More and more of my pupils are acting up and not doing well in school because of family problems. Are parents aware of this? Do they know that their relationship as a couple affects their child?”

Researchers at the Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University shared  that “when (the) home is not stable…executive function skills may be impaired, or may not develop at all, limiting a child’s success in elementary school and later life.”

The article was written by retired Principal Mrs Jenny Yeo about how problems at home can affect a child's learning in school. It examines how the unstable home environment and the poor relationship of parents at home may limit a child's success in school and later life. 

Healthy Meals in Schools and at Home

Dear parents,

Childhood and adolescent years are crucial to set the foundation for healthy growth. Eating a nutritionally balanced diet supports optimal growth and development. By encouraging healthy eating habits now, you can give your child the best opportunity to grow into a healthy adult.
HPB has developed a Parents’ Booklet to encourage parents to nurture healthy eating habits at home. Together with the Healthy Meals in Schools Programme, we aim to promote the consumption of healthy meals with a balanced mix of the four different food groups – brown rice, whole grain noodles and wholemeal bread; fruit and vegetables as well as meat and alternatives, both in school and at home. The Booklet is available on our school webiste for your use.

Thank you for partnering with us."

Warm regards,
Eric Wong
Mayflower Sec Sch





 Heart to Heart Talk (HTHT) is a 5-part Web Series. Each episode is about 6 minutes long. Watch it online on Toggle and Gov.sg’s YouTube channel 


Heart to Heart Talk (HTHT) features students having a frank chat about the future with their parents, mentors, and industry professionals.
Learn about how each of them discovered their interests and strengths, and how they hope to reach their career aspirations.
5 short episodes will be released on Toggle and YouTube over the next few weeks. 2 episodes are already available for viewing online.
Episode 1
features primary school kids and their parents having a delightful, and sometimes surprising, chat about their aspirations. One of them hopes to be a teacher – but you’d never guess why!
Click here to watch Ep 1 on YouTube, or here to watch it on Toggle
In Episode 2, secondary school students talk with their parents about what they want to do in the future. Do these parents know their children as well as they think they do? Can they see eye to eye about what it means to succeed in life?
Click here to watch Ep 2 on Toggle
You may wish to share MOE's Facebook post about the series. All episodes will be available on Toggle, here


Partnerships Committee

Objective: To forge meaningful partnerships with stakeholders for the advancement of the MF Promise.

      Advisor:  Mdm Norhayati Bte Awang (Vice Principal)

  I/C Partnership Committee    :

 Mrs Eugenia Tan (SH History)                        Mrs Marie Lee (SH Biology)

 Staff members                         :  Mr Gananedran
 Mdm Patricia Kwek
 Mdm Lee Low Eng
 Mr Lee Joen Yen
 Ms Su Haiyin

 Corporate Support Officer     :

 Mdm Sylvian Tan

 SFE Coordinator                     :

 Mdm Doris Chin



2017 PSG Executive Committee

Names Appointments
 Mdm Norhayati (VP) & Mrs Eugenia Tan (SH History)  School Advisors
 Mdm Margaret Lee  Partnership Advisor
 Mdm Susan Png  Chairperson
 Mdm Phylis Lee & Mdm Joyce Chee  Vice- Chairpersons
 Mdm Beverly Quek  Secretary
 Mdm Susie Oh  Treasurer 
 Mrs Jennifer Teh & Mr Clarence Teh ( Night Study Programme)
 Mdm Doris Chin (School Family Education Co-ordinator) 
 Mdm Christina John &Mr Kwok Ying Yao(Rainbow Programme)
 Mdm Sophia Wu Chao Wen (PSG Bursary Co-ordinator)
 Project Coordinators