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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the start-time for regular school days?
        Morning assembly starts at 7.30 am on regular school days.

2. What are the school fees?
        Please refer to MOE Website for the more details.

3. What are the Cut-Off Points for Admission into Mayflower Secondary?
        For Primary 6 students applying for admission into Mayflower Secondary School, the COP may differ and would depend on          the pool of students who apply. Our cut off points for this year’s Sec Ones were: 

Express: 219
NA: 168
NT: 124

4. What are the available CCAs? 
        Please proceed to this link for more details. They reflect the CCAs we have currently. However, do note that the following              CCAs will cease to take in new members at the Secondary One level from 2019:

        Boys’ Brigade 
        Malay Dance

5. How do I register my child for Direct School Admission (DSA)?
        Parents may proceed to this link for more details.

6. Are students allowed to bring mobile phones to school?
        The school allows the use of mobile phones in designated public places in the school. The use of mobile phones is strictly              not allowed during lessons unless authorized/ supervised by the teacher(s).

7. Does my child need to buy a laptop/mobile device as part of school programme when he/she joins the school?
        The school does not require students to buy laptop or mobile devices. We do not have one-to-one mobile computing                    programme, although we have ICT programmes and ICT-supported curriculum. We provide devices for students when                  required. Students can loan devices from our ICT staff or use laptops in our library. Our school has a Wi-Fi network for                  students to bring-their-own-device to connect to the internet for learning purposes.

8. Attire and grooming during non-curriculum periods
        Existing students may refer to the Student Handbook (2018) on the proper attire and grooming during non-curriculum                  periods.

9. My child has special needs/pre-existing medical conditions (severe asthma, allergies etc). How do I inform the school of                this?
        Please indicate this information in the Secondary 1 Registration forms which you will need to complete, our office would              then inform the respective personnel on your child medical condition. Rest assured all information provided will be kept              strictly confidential. For existing students, you can always contact your child’s Form Teacher to update us. 

10. What are the financial assistance schemes available to students in Mayflower Secondary?
        The MOE Financial Assistance Scheme, a student is eligible for MOE FAS if he or she meets either of the following criteria:              Gross Household Income (GHI) not exceeding $2750 per month OR Per Capita Income (PCI) not exceeding $690 per month.          To apply simply click here to download the application form.

11. How do I know if my child is eligible to offer Higher Chinese as a subject?
        Primary 6 (P6) students, who are eligible offer Higher Chinese will be issued the Eligibility Letter, which will be enclosed in              the S1 Option Form. If the student is not a recipient of the eligibility letter, but wishes to offer the subject at the higher                  level,he/she can approach our HOD of Mother Tongue Languages (MTL), who will then advice on his/her suitability to take            up Chinese Language at the higher level.