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The department logo is an emblem of our Maths department’s mission and vision.


To develop Mayflowerians with Passion, Perseverance and Precision so as to achieve excellent performance in mathematics.


Math Actualises Thinking and Heuristic Skills

The 4Ps, Perseverance, Precision, and Passion resulting in Performance form the powerful key to unlock each and every Mayflowerian’s immense potential in Mathematics, thus Actualising his or her Thinking and Heuristic Skills.

The colour coding goes in-line with our school logo where the red colour represents the torch of wisdom and the green, the quest for knowledge. The letters in darker green in the vision, form the word MATHS.

The Mathematics Team


Mr Narayanan Namasivayam (HOD)

Mr Chio Kah Leong (LH)

Mr Shankar Manekandan Nair (HOD ICT)

Mr Teo Jui Sing (SH MIT)

Mrs Quek Ai Jee (ST)

Mr Ang Wee Khee

Mr Fam Tiong Siang

Mr Gananendran s/o Eagambaram

Mrs Kalpana Ram

Ms Goh Poh Ling

Mr Tan Boon Yong

Mdm Vijayaletchumi

Mr Ng Wee Loong

Mr Gabriel Cheow

Mr Peter Leong

Ms Shen Sirui

Mr Chan Ho Lun

Mr Matthew Chan

Ms Lynn Yeo

Mr Ng Jun Kiat


Mdm Rohayati (Year Head Lower Sec)

Mr Koh Teck Yong

The Mayflower Mathematics team aspires to rub off their passion for this intriguing subject to their students, thus nurturing them to be avid problem solvers who are keen to take on any challenge and persevere through in finding the solution while enjoying the process. We aim to mould students to see Mathematics beyond its position as a vital option for post-secondary education and as a language of logic that guides them in their daily lives. We believe that every child matters and continuously seek ways to engage each student in teaching and learning.  

ICT enriched lessons
The Mayflower Mathematics department uses a plethora of ICT tools to engage students and hence enhance teaching and learning in and out of the classrooms. Platforms include HeyMath!TM and Ace-Learning, which have a rich source of animated lessons that appeal to visual learners and modes of assignments and assessments which promote self-directed learning amongst students beyond the confines of the classroom. The teachers also adopt other software, tools and apps e.g. SingStat, Geogebra, Google Sites/Forms etc to make learning more current for students. 

Professional Development
For this to succeed, the teachers have to continually engage in lifelong learning and constantly sharpen and hone their skills. This is done via weekly timetabled sessions where teachers come together to develop lesson packages and also learn from one another’s experiences and knowledge.  These sessions ensure that standardised resources are developed to benefit our students homogeneously while building good camaraderie amongst the teachers. 

Participating in competitions is a key success ingredient for our students. This year 82 of our students took part in the Singapore Math Kangaroo Competition and performed very well, attaining 4 Golds, 20 Silvers, 14 Bronzes and 44 Certificates of Participation. 


Students learning the relationship between Volume of a Pyramid and Prism.


Students learning to find the surface area of a Pyramid by looking at the Net figure.


Mr Cheow and Mrs Ram are trying out the experiment themselves to ensure that they know what the students will be experiencing.


Mr Cheow is doing a simple presentation while Mr Chan is listening. This was a segment of the workshop outlining the new syllabus