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Mrs Jasmine Chan (LH)

Mdm Suhailah Jasni (SH)

Mrs Deborah Thomas (ST)

Mrs Evelyn Ng (ST)

Mdm Zanariah Zakaria (Literature Co-ordinator)

Mrs Kamali Balan-Sebina

Mdm Patricia Kwek

Ms Germain Ng

Ms Mahirah Abdul Karim

Ms Shereen Noordin

Mdm Shagun Anand

Mr Tan Jian Xun

Ms Allycia Teo

Ms Jasmin Wong

Mrs Rajmala David 

Mr Alan Heah


The English Language and Literature department aims to mould Mayflowerians to be Effective Speakers, Creative Writers and Critical Thinkers through a holistic language-learning approach and AfL strategies. This year, the school embarked on the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Effective Communication. This year the school embarked on a Whole School Approach to Effective Communication (WSAEC), Whole School Approach to Reading (WSA-Reading) and the Applied Learning Programme (ALP). The ALP aims to address the increasing trend in the use of media as a platform of communication in the 21st century. Through the three-year progressive programme, students will hone their speaking and writing skills via various platforms to be confident communicators.

The WSA-EC, which is a collaboration with the English Language Institute of Singapore (ELLIS) and the WSA-Reading which is a collaboration with the National Library Board aim to build a culture of staff and students who speak effectively using proper use of language. The ALP aims to address the increasing trend in the use of media as a platform of communication in the 21st century.

Writing Competitions

Students are encouraged to take part in various writing competitions outside the school. This year, the Sec 1s wrote essays to pay tribute to the Pioneer Generation. The essays have been archived in NLB websites. Please download the links to these essays.   Click here to download

 The Sec 2 and 3 students also participated in the SG50 Writing Competition. 

Speaking Activities for students of different levels:
To build confidence in spoken language, various activities were organised for students to participate in. Students of all levels participated actively in these activities such as the Toastmasters and Literature Exhibition where students had to dramatize the characters from the book.


Toastmasters Competition 2015
Last Friday, the English Department organised its first Speaker's Corner event, Toastmasters Competition, for Secondary 4s and 5s. We would like to warmly congratulate the top 3 winners - Bashanthri of 5F, Marcus Ng of 5G, Arman of 4A - and praise all participants for gamely giving this their best shot!

Debate Club for selected students:
A group of high ability students have been undergoing training to develop their confidence in giving persuasive speech which is in line with the culture of a thinking school. The debate team participated in various debate competitions as well as speaking activities and members have gained many useful insights in public speaking. Justine Light (2E) even took part in the YMCA Plain English Speaking Award and attained the 3rd position in the Lower Secondary category, outshining students from several well-known schools.

Inter-school Debate updates (13 March 2015)

Congratulations to our debators!
Topic: this house would ban all private cars from entering the central areas of all major cities
Proposition: Mayflower Secondary
Opposition: St. Hilda's Sec
Best speaker: Nur Iffah of MF
Result: Proposition won!
All three judges gave a unanimous decision.
Judges comments:
• Clearly defined policy
• Well Structured
• Excellent examples and gave alternatives
• Considered developing countries
• Able to counter opposing team




Sec 4 students interested in Mass Communication attended the Stories+U communication workshop by Singapore Polytechnic. There, they learnt the power of using stories to connect with the audience through various media platforms as well as using drama to transform people.