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Mother Tongue



Effective global communicators rooted in values with a love for the languages and cultures


To nurture Active Learners, Proficient Users anchored in values who embrace their ethnic identities. To develop Forward Thinkers with a global outlook and appreciation for unity in diversity

The Mother Tongue teachers of Mayflower Secondary School believe that language and culture is intertwined and the former is essentially an expression of a culture. Hence all teachers work hard to create and maintain an immersive environment for the learning of these languages in school.

The Team:

HOD: Ms Eileen Chew

Level Head: Mdm Tan Lay Teng

Chinese Unit

Malay Unit

Mdm Lee Low Eng

Mr Kim Kin Seng

Mdm Whong Tung Geok

Mdm Wong Mui Lin

Ms Chen Lanqing

Ms Su Xiaoling

Mr Tham Wen Xi

Mr Yang Peiqiang

Mr Mohamed Naguib Ngadnan

Mdm Siti Fatimah Muhammad

Mdm Norhidayah Mohamed Sis

Ms Nadia Sharin

Mdm Nur Shahirah Shahir


Notable Programmes & Events

Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight 2017


This year, our theme was “Common Language, Unique Talents”. Students participated in various cultural activities to better understand and appreciate the Mother Tongue languages and the unique practices of the different cultures.


Hands-on workshops

Paper Art workshop for Sec 1NT & 1NA students: Students learnt the meanings behind the different paper cuttings as they created their own master pieces! The Sec 2 students delved into poems behind the paintings during fan painting sessions.


Culture Appreciation Learning Journeys

Our Sec 1 and 3 students embarked on a tour that comprised a Chinese Tea Art appreciation session and a heritage tour to Kampong Lorong Buangkok where they learnt about Chinese tea types and interesting facts about Singapore respectively.

Speech and Drama Workshop

Sec 2 HCL students were immersed in a month long drama workshop. They were exposed to the various aspects of drama, including script writing, acting and stage performance. It culminated in a stage performance with self-written scripts.


Malay Cultural Experience

The ML Unit’s theme was ‘Budaya Rentas Masa’ (A Culture across Time)

Sec 1 and 3 students visited the ‘Last Kampung Mosque in Singapore’, Masjid Petempatan Melayu Sembawang.

Selected Sec 4 pupils took part in a Journalism Camp jointly organized by Berita Harian and ITE Central. The camp saw the participants taking on the different roles in a newsroom, after which they had to produce a mock-up cover page of their own newspaper!

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Cultural Camp


The camp for Sec 3 students was a 2.5-hour event with two segments: the cultural experience stations and the Escape Room challenges.

Chinese New Year Celebrations


In addition to the concert planned, ‘Hampers of Love’ were donated to the senior citizens from Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA). The senior citizens were also invited to our concert and while in school, were cared for by students from the Info-Comm Club.


Hari Raya Concert


To celebrate and share in the festivities of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the ML Unit held a mini-concert.



14th National Xin Lei Writing Creative Writing Competition

Selected Sec 1 students took part in the Creative Writing Competition and were stretched in terms of having to think quickly and creatively on their feet.


Zoombara 2017

Four Sec 2 students participated in Zoombara 2017, an Amazing Race-type game to promote the use of the Malay Language.


National Sahibba Challenge, (Piala Cendekia Sahibba 2017),

Our first foray into the National Sahibba Challenge, (Piala Cendekia Sahibba 2017), was a success for us as our team of four Sec 3 pupils clinched the 4th place in the Zonal competition just missing the National Finals by a spot!



In recognition of Mr Naguib’s dedication and commitment to learning of the Malay Language in the classroom and beyond, we nominated him for the Arif Budiman Malay Language Teachers’ Award 2017.