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Humanities students and staff are life-long learners with a global perspective.

At Mayflower Secondary (MF), the humanities educators strive to encourage students to develop knowledge, respect for and understanding of different perspectives, values and attitudes and an appreciation of the complex interactions and interdependence of individuals, societies, and their environments. With the development of the relevant skill sets, we hope to instil in our students a love for the humanities and a desire to be proactive global citizens with a deep connection and love for his/her country. 


The Humanities Team:

HOD: Mdm S Santhi (Humanities)

HOD: Mrs Tricia Lim Sze Ling (CCE)

HOD: Mr Raj Kanna Velayutham (Discipline)


Subject Head: Mrs Eugenia Tan (History)

Senior Teacher: Mrs Frances Ess (Geography)

Mdm Aishah Abdul Jalil (History/ Social Studies)

Mdm Nur Diyanah Mohammad Suhai (Geography/ Social Studies)

Ms Iswarya (Geography/ Social Studies)


Ms Charissa Qui (Social Studies)

Ms Elizabeth Chua (History/ Social Studies)

Ms Perng Jia Wei (Social Studies)

Mr Jeremy Ong Zhen Wei (Geography)

Ms Alethea Goei (Geography/ Social Studies)

Ms Su Haiyin (History)

Geographical (GI) /Historical (HI) /Social Studies Issue Investigations (II)

Inquiry based learning as the cornerstone, students of all levels embarked on GI involving fieldwork at various places in Singapore. Lower Secondary students also worked on historical sources to make sense and form conclusions relating to Singapore history. Our Secondary 3 students and all NT students, embarked on various projects to better understand current societal issues.


Inter-School Philosophy Dialogue at Raffles Institution


This is the third year our students have participated in this event. This year, the theme was “Philosophy and the Arts”. The small-group discussions provided our students with a chance to deploy their critical thinking skills, analytical prowess and verbal presentation skills as they shared their thoughts and opinions with their peers.


PROVE IT! Competition

Selected students took part in this inter-school challenge that examined their ability to test for reliable information. Students found the experience both fun and enriching.


MOE History Challenge

This year, 4 students took part in the inaugural MOE History Challenge, where they were tested on their historical knowledge. Students also had the opportunity to attend a lecture by a NTU History Professor on the History of Singapore and gain much insight into history and historiography.


Sharing at Redesigning Pedagogy Conference

Two of our teachers also shared at the Redesigning Pedagogy Conference organised by NIE. Ms Elizabeth Phua shared about creating Historical Empathy in a Secondary 2 Normal Academic Classroom through the use of sources and routines such as Tug-of-War. Mrs Frances Ess shared about Correcting Climate Change Misconceptions through the Use of Refutation Text.