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Boys’ Brigade

From Boys to Men

The Boys’ Brigade CCA aims to 
• Nurture the boys in the CCA, through Christian values, to be future leaders.
• Through acts of service, serve the community.

The Boys’ Brigade in Mayflower Secondary was formed in 2005 and was named as 51st company in Singapore. It is sponsored by AMK Bethesda Hall.  

The Boys’ Brigade aims to grow the boys to become responsible men in the family, the community, nation and the world. The method of achieving the object of The Boys’ Brigade is by providing a fun, meaningful and challenging programme of physical, enrichment, spiritual and social interests, which is in turn based on Christian Education and Discipline, guided by adult Christian leaders as Officers. During the weekly parades, boys get to bond with each other through sports and training for national competitions. In addition, the boys got to learn life skills and build bonds with each other through various outdoor activities such as abseiling, kayaking and camps. 

Furthermore, the boys are given opportunities to serve the community in through events like BB cares and trips to old folk homes.

Events and Achievements

YearEvent NameAward / Position

  •             BB character Quest
  •             JM Fraser Award

Gold standard
     Bronze Standard

2017JM Fraser Award      Bronze Standard

Staff Incharge and Executive Members 2018


CCA Leaders

Mr Timothy Chen

Mr Alfred Rojes

Darrell Cheah Yee Xiong (3E) - Chairperson

                  Lance Nathan Beltran Mosura (3I) - Vice-Chairperson

                          Ng Hong Kai, Randall (3A) - Company Sergeant Major

Mr Andrew He (VAL & Captain)

Mr Samuel Ko (VAL)

Training Schedule

Saturday0800 am - 1230 pmPorch in front of the Chemistry Labs