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Our CCA focuses on each and every individual to achieve their fullest potential in various aspects such as physical, mental and social skills. Our guiding principle of perseverance and hard work and our emphasis on team effort, team building and team bonding make up the dynamics of our team. Our CCA leaders planned and organized our secondary 4 graduation party, day-camp and CCA Open house as part of their leadership training which also helps to strengthen the bonds amongst our CCA members. The camp focused on various team building activities where we had to put our teamwork to the test. Nevertheless, we had a good time and also enjoyed the friendship built through it. 

Our Netball team is currently training under Coach Sue who started coaching us at the end of last year. Coach Sue comes to us with many years of coaching experience and we have seen great improvements both individually and as a team. Coach Sue may be strict at times but never fails to show care and concern during training. She puts in maximum effort teaching us and never fails to correct us whenever we make mistakes. Looking forward to greater achievements with you Coach Sue! 

We also want to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to our celebrity star coach, Ms Paige Chua who occasionally drops by whenever she can despite her busy schedule. She is a role model for our students, having graduated from Mayflower as Netball Captain and Vice-President of Student Councillor and an active alumni. 

Key Events: 
  • South Zone Inter-Schools Netball Championships 
  • Deloitte Pesta Sukan 
  • Katana Open 
  • Sneakers Netball Competition

Staff and Executive Members 2018


CCA Leaders

Mr Edwin Goh

Ms Germain Ng

Ms Gina Ng

        Captain: Tan Zi En (Sec 3A)

                         Vice-Captain: Rochelle Heng (Sec 3I)

                                 Lower Sec Captains: Karyn Poon (Sec 2I)

Jermaine Tay (Sec 2F)