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Modern Dance

The Modern Dance Club specialises in contemporary dance which incorporates elements from many styles of dance such as classical, ballet and jazz. During the CCA trainings, we focus on mastering strong and controlled legwork of ballet, floor work, fall and recovery and other techniques. 

Events and Achievements

YearEvent NameAward / Position
2018TRDO CompetitionRecognition of Participation
2017Dance CampParticipation
 2017 2-Day Dance Exchange RE:define @ ACS  (Independent) 
2017Yellowren Modern Dance Competition  2017 Champion

Staff and Committee Members 2018


Mdm Liu Xuefang

Mdm N Iswarya

  Mdm Goh Poh Ling

Mdm Norhidayah

Coaches /  Instructors

Ms Melissa Chua


             Zhuo Peixian, Rachel (3J)

Vice Chairperson (Discipline)

  Chua Zhi Ning (3E)

 Vice Chairperson (Operations)           Kendria Ng Shiqi (3I)     
  Vice Chairperson (Development)                    Francesca Li Lin Charles (3I) 
Secretary   Kan Kar Mun (3E) 
Admin Manager             Hazel Hgoh Rui Qi (3F) 
Quartermaster               Soh Tze Min Carolyn (3I) 
Operation Manager             Tan Xin Lin, Berlyn (3H)
Publicity Manager                       Ng Wen Yan – Sapphere (3H)
Head of Welfare                     Beverly Yap Ning Xuan (3D)
Dance Coordinator     Viksha Kothari (3J) 

Training Schedule

Monday1530 - 1830Hall
     Thursday 1530 - 1830Dance Studio

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