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Mayflower Drama Club aims to:

1. To develop skill in oral language and all expressive mechanisms (voice and bodily expression)
2. To develop understanding in psychological, moral, physical and socio-economic analysis of character (analytical skills).
3. To learn the elements of stagecraft and production (craft skills).
4.     To creating a performance through drama games, improvisation and play-building
5.     Gain appreciation towards various genres of theatre
6.     Critically reflect on the production process and development of work

Events and Achievements

YearEvent NameAward / Position
2013SYF PresentationCertificate of Distinction 
2015SYF PresentationCertificate of Accomplishment
2017 SYF Presentation Certificate of Distinction & Accomplishment

 Staff and Committee Members 2018    


Ms Bridget Ooi

Ms Stella Sim

Mdm Jarina 

   Coach / Instructor

Mr Sanjay Gautam


Seah Xuan Hui (3I) 

Vice President

Zenon Tang Jia Le (3F) 

Secretary / Events officer

Claudia Tiribello, Tay Qi (3I)   

Welfare Officer

Renee Hua Leron (3F) 

Logistic/ Wardrobe officers Muqlish Bin Suhaime (2F) / Lau Jae Yee (2E) 

Training Schedule

Tuesday3:30 pm – 6:30 pmDrama Cabin
Thursday3:30 pm – 6:30 pmDrama Cabin