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Chinese Dance

Practice like you have never won. Dance like you have never lost

The Chinese Dance Club aims to 
• Develop the student’s talent, passion, and appreciation of dance through Arts Experience, Arts Exposure, and Arts Excursion.
• Showcase their talent and hone their dancing skills through collaborative learning strategies.
• Contribute to the community through their skills, talents, and knowledge.
• Develop value of resilience, teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, social skills, and leadership qualities in pupils.

Brief History/ Intro of CCA
Mayflower Chinese Dance Club is a warm and loving family where the dancers work towards a common goal of attaining excellence through perseverance, hard work and commitment. 

Mayflower Chinese Dance promotes dance as a form of art beyond its aesthetic value. A strong set of values is instilled in each and every dancer and our dancers go the extra mile to prepare themselves for more than what is required on stage. Our girls learn to touch the hearts of the audience as they incorporate their intense emotions into every action and every step, painting a moving story with each choreography. 

Character development is also infused into weekly training practices in which the teachers and instructors emphasize the importance of teamwork and resilience. Our dancers are also encouraged to strive to do their best during practice sessions.
In recent years, we were honoured to be invited to participate in various national events such as the ASEAN Youth Games Opening Ceremony (2017) and the Singapore Heart Foundation Charity Cup Golf Tournament (2017) besides performing for numerous school events such as Speech & Prize Giving Day and Lunar New Year celebration.

This year, besides performing for Lunar New Year celebration and Speech & Prize Giving Day, our dancers will be participating in the 2018 SYF Dance Extravaganza at Bukit Panjang Plaza (June 2018). In preparation for a single performance, the girls practise for hours and dancing is a journey that requires much discipline and perseverance, physically and mentally. The extraordinary journey that each dancer experiences with the family is only made possible because we believe in caring for one another.

Events and Achievements

Year Event Name Award / Position
2018             SYF Dance Extravaganza at Bukit Panjang Plaza

Certificate of Participation

  •        ASEAN Schools Games 2017 Opening Ceremony
  •   Singapore Heart Foundation Charity Cup Golf Tournament
Certificate of Participation

Certificate of Participation


Staff and Committee Members 2018


Mrs. Quek Ai Jee

Mrs Evelyn Ng

Ms Sharlene Tan

 Coaches / Instructors Ms Connie Ban 
Chairman May Yu Ya Maw  (3J)

Vice Chairman (Development)

Lee Sze Yai Amelia (3D)

Vice Chairman (Discipline)

Zhang Yilin (3E)


Tan Gek Kim (3E)


Ng Jing Lin Earlene (3G)


Heng Jiamin


Ng Min En (3H)

Sec 2 Leader 1

Sec 2 Leader 2

Zhang Lisha 2D

Charyse Tan Ying Xuan (2F)

Training Schedule

Day Time  Venue
Monday     3.30 pm - 6.30 pm Dance Studio
Friday 2.30 pm - 5.30 pm Hall


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