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LLP: Aesthetics

Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP): Aesthetics

At Mayflower Secondary School we believe that arts education is a powerful tool to help the students develop into positive thinking and spirited citizens of tomorrow. Programmes and lessons are structured to develop students’ curiosity, creativity and the ability to appreciate beauty in life and arts.

Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)

In 2014, our Lifelong Learning Programme in the Aesthetics began with the vision of instilling a zest for life through the aesthetics. Our programme strives to ignite students’ curiosity and passion for knowledge through various art-forms.

Since the inception of the Lifelong Learning Programme we have been able to provide increasingly enriching experiences for our students. The opportunities for the Performing Arts CCA groups include travelling to Asian countries to broaden their cultural understanding as well as develop their respective performing arts skills through exchange programmes. To provide continuity for the upper secondary students enthusiastic about music we have a leisure music-making band which allows students to further hone their music interest and passion. This group is supported by Pathfinder volunteer, Mr. Patrick Chng, who provides professional advice to the students.

Students who are talented in dancing are actively supported through the opportunity to join the Dance Talent Development Programme. We are also ensuring that the non-performing arts students are given the opportunity to develop lifelong skills through performing or managing the school’s biennial aesthetic production.


General Music Programme (GMP)

The Year One and Two students enjoy a continuous programme throughout the entire year. An integrative arts approach is taken to allow students learn the connectivity between the different art forms in relation to music. Students learn how to appreciate and analyse music from different cultural contexts which develops their aesthetic literacy. Students’ creative capacity is honed by participation in dance choreography and music creation. By the end of year 2 students will be proficient in playing selected acoustic instruments (ukulele, keyboard, guitar) as well as possessing the knowledge of how to use technological devices in their music making.

General Arts Programme (GAP)

The Art unit provides a balance and comprehensive curriculum that includes instructional experiences in sensory awareness, aesthetic discernment and studio practices in a wide variety of 2D, 3D, lens-based and digital art processes. The curriculum also provides opportunities for students to acquire a deeper understanding of the culture and contemporary art scene in Singapore through museum-based educational approaches. Exhibitions are frequently showcased for students to appreciate each other’s works and to reflect on what has been accomplished and learned. At the end of the 4-year course, students would be equipped with visual literacy skills such as perceiving and responding to visual images and analysing visual information in its many forms.