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Enterprise Club

To think and act like entrepreneurs

The Enterprise Club CCA aims to;

Inculcate the values and skills to be an entrepreneur

Develop qualities to be creative and visionary students who are able to plan ahead.

The Mayflower Enterprise Club has a well-integrated co-curricular programme that promotes life-skills, character building, and leadership qualities. At the end of four years, we hope to see our students as creative individuals who are well-equipped entrepreneurs of good character.

Currently, Enterprise club is broken into 3 main departments, Food Creators, Craft Designers as well as Marketing Strategists. Every student will be able to experience a different planning process. This student-directed initiative will allow students to be more involved in the brainstorming, planning, experimenting and execution process to give them a flavour on how to organise an event. 

Students learn to manage funds wisely through events or selling of their own products during CCA duty. In Enterprise Club, we believe that our students will demonstrate creativity and initiative in every aspect and without fear to seize opportunities in future.

Key events and Achievements

Year         Event Name   Award / Position
2016Ice cream competition3rd Position
2017National Youth Business ChallengeSilver award Social media darling award
2017Global game jam
2017Spirit of Enterprise  
2018Basic food hygiene course for Sec 1 and new comers Yearly 

CCA Teachers in ChargeCCA Leaders & Executive Committee MembersCoaches/Instructors
Ms Yeo LynnWynnie Chia (3A) - Chairperson
Mr Marcus HoOng Yu Han (3J) - Vice Chairperson
Ms Nur ShahirahTan Jun Lin (2I) - Secretary
 Ashlene Kuek (3F) -  Head of Marketing Department  
 Cherryl Zhou (2D) - Head of Food Creators
 Kho Soong Ying (3G) - Head of Craft Designers

Training Schedule

Day               Time                              Venue                                                            Purpose
Monday       1445 - 1745      Enterprise Cafe (Canteen)                                             Weekly sales
Tuesday       1445-1745 Enterprise Cafe (Canteen)                                            Weekly sales
Thursday     1530-1830 Computer Lab 4                                                            Events/workshops
Friday       1230-1530 Enterprise Cafe (Canteen)                                            Weekly sales

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