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Principal's Message


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Mayflower Promise:
Every Mayflowerian has a zest for life, a curious mind and a generous spirit.

The School Vision - Every Mayflowerian has “a zest for life, a curious mind and a generous spirit.” - reflects the confidence we have in our aim to prepare our students to be future ready and in our students’ ability to develop as wholesome individuals who can make a difference to the lives of others.

Mayflowerians with a zest of life are driven by a strong sense of purpose and a passion for knowledge, holistic health and the arts. Having a curious mind will enable Mayflowerians to be discerning and open minded in the pursuit of lifelong learning, and with a generous spirit, Mayflowerians will understand the needs of others and the importance of contributing back to the society. Our school motto, “Mighty in Thought and Deed” serves as a beacon to guide our students in their journey of growth and development.

Our School Vision, the “Mayflower Promise”, anchors on our belief that beyond the academic knowledge and skills learnt, the dispositions of a zest for life, a curious mind and a generous spirit will serve to provide the roots for our students to soar and bloom in the future. Roots that will hold strong in the face of challenges and difficulties. 
             MDM LEE EET FONG

The Mayflower Promise will only be fulfilled with the can-do spirit of our students, thus the ‘MF, Why Not You?’ spirit. The spirit that says ‘past performance is not future destiny’ and ‘never done it before’ is not the same as you ‘cannot do it’. It is through building and strengthening this resilience in our students to learn from setbacks, to believe in themselves and what the future can offer them that makes every learning experience in the school part of the Mayflower Promise.

“It takes a village to raise a child.” We will work closely with our parents and stakeholders, and continually blaze new trails to design, implement and shape programmes to deliver our “Mayflower Promise” to all our students.