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Our History


1981               : Mr Wan Hussin Zoohri

1982 - 1984   : Mr Ibrahim Bin Othman

1985 - 1994   : Mr Tang Swee Chay

1994 - 1998   : Mrs Yap Hong Eng

1999 - 2005   : Ms Lo Sheu Ming

2006 - 2012   : Mrs Doris Lim

2013 - 2017   : Mr Loo Ming Yaw

2018 -             : Mdm Lee Eet Fong

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The original Mayflower Secondary School building was built at a cost of $5.46 million on a 2.7 hectares plot of land along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 in the then new Ang Mo Kio Satellite Town. The school started in 1981 with 408 students and became one of the more popular neighbourhood schools in this area.


Mr Selamat Alvie designed the original school logo, with the letters MSS enclosed by a set of upward pointing and downward pointing arrow-heads. Mrs Yang Peng Hwa introduced the school motto, “Magnanimity and Modesty” which was incorporated into the logo.

Mr Wan Hussin wrote the lyrics of the School Song while Mr John De Souza composed the music, arranged by Mr Ho Eng Kheng.

In September 1981, Mr Ibrahim Othman took over from Mr Wan Hussin, who was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Health and Culture.

The School was officially opened on 15 July 1983 by the then Member of Parliament of Kebun Baru, Mr Lim Boon Heng.


A new school logo and school motto was introduced in 1993, together with the change of the school initials from “MSS” to “MF”. The new logo has the letters MF encompassed by the school name. “MF”, the initials of the school, are depicted as a stalk of flower which conveys the essence of the school philosophy, that “Every Mayflowerian Will Bloom”.

The new school motto became “Be Mighty In Thought and Deed”, an exaltation taken from the school song. The motto was shortened to “Mighty In Thought And Deed” in the new millennia.   

Guest of Honour Mr Inderjit Singh, then Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC and former Principal Mr Wan Hussin graced Mayflower’s 20th Anniversary Dinner in April 2001 and this was to be our last anniversary dinner at the old school building.


Due to space constraint, Mayflower functioned from two campuses for 5 years from 2001, Campus 1 being at the original school site and Campus 2, at the former Bowen Secondary School, down the road.


Fund raising projects were undertaken from 2002 to 2004 for our new school building and a memorable one was the National Day Food & Funfair held on 9 August 2003 whereby Kebun Baru constituents joined in, together with our Guest-of-Honour, Mr Inderjit Singh, then Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC.    

A Homecoming Dinner was held on 28 August 2004 whereby 500 alumni and staff turned up to have an evening of reminiscence before the old building was torn down.


The new campus, complete with a 200-seat theatrette and dance studio, was completed in 2005 and Mayflower once again came together under one roof, our new building being sited on the combined parcel of land of the old Campus 1 and Ang Mo Kio Primary School, formerly Ai Tong Primary School.


The “Mayflower Secondary Alumni (Official)” Facebook page was launched in 2010 and now has more than 1600 members.

President S R Nathan was the Guest of Honour at our 30th Anniversary Dinner cum Opening Ceremony of the Indoor Sports Hall, on 27 May 2011.

About 200 alumni and staff, including former Principal Mr Ibrahim Othman, turned up at our 35th Anniversary Alumni Homecoming held on 30 July 2016.