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The English Language and Literature department aims to mould Mayflowerians to be Effective Speakers, Creative Writers and Critical Thinkers through a holistic language-learning approach.

The Team:

HOD: Mdm Santhi A (EL)

Subject Head: Mrs Jasmine Chan (EL)

Subject Head: Mdm Suhailah Jasni (CCE)

Senior Teacher: Mrs Deborah Thomas (CCE)

Senior Teacher: Mrs Evelyn Ng (EL)

Miss Allycia Teo

Miss Geraldine Wong

Ms Germain Ng

Mdm Gina Ng

Mrs Janet Ong

Mr Jeremy Ong Zhen Wei

Mdm Patricia Kwek

Mdm Shagun Anand

Miss Shereen Nordin

Miss Stella Lim

Miss Charissa Qiu (Humanities)

Miss Perng Jia Wei (Humanities)

Miss Su Haiyin (Humanities)

Mr Stephen James (Adjunct)

Notable Programmes and Events

Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

This is the 2 nd year of a three-year progressive ALP in Effective Communication where students are given the opportunities to hone their speaking and writing skills via various platforms to be confident communicators. The ALP aims to develop effective communication skills within students whereby they are encouraged to express their ideas and opinions clearly and effectively taking into consideration the Purpose, Audience and Context.

Speech and Drama Programme - Secondary 1

The students over 8 sessions in Term 2 whereby drama elements and stage presentations were explored . During the course of the programme, students tapped on their creativity to craft and flesh out scripts in teacher-led lessons, and learnt stage directions and masterful use of voice to produce an entertaining skit. The programme ended with a big bang with the students staging their skits excitedly during the ALP Showcase session.

Journalism and Broadcast programme - Secondary 2

The students participated enthusiastically in Journalism and Broadcast programme that spanned over 5 sessions in Semester 2.

With the objective to develop students to be confident communicators, especially in the context of Journalism and Broadcast, the training sessions were truly proof of what teamwork, effort and training can do to help students to become confident presenters. The trainings culminated to an experiential learning and learning journey to related organisations to further stimulate the students in their learning.

The programme was definitely welcomed by the students as they found many exciting moments to collaborate with each other to complete their projects. The group presentations best captured their journey of discovery of creative writing, news reporting and even photojournalism. Such opportunities more importantly helped to spot our talent. Great job, students!


The Secondary 1 Express students showcased their projects based on their Literature set text The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas during the Literature Showcase in July. It was an engaging and interactive session whereby students were urged to pose questions to the presenters and even wrote mini reflections and words of encouragement for their friends. There was a variety of mixed media products presented that demonstrated their interpretation and understanding of the novel. The students had great fun recreating dramatic and significant moments from the text through 3-dimensional models, dioramas, posters, comic strips, clever arrangements of newspaper clippings, role-plays, video clips, and even a treasure hunt. From their research and group presentations, it was evident that there was much collaboration and peer learning. The gallery walk conducted at the library were attended by the Secondary 1 Express and Normal (Academic) classes and their reflections showed that they have learnt how to make insightful connections between the novel and the contemporary world issues.

Upper Secondary Set Text Debate, National Schools Literature Festival 2017

In July, six students defended the motion ‘This house believes that Ying-Ying suffered the greatest tragedy of all the four mothers’ based on the GCE ‘O’ Levels Literature set text The Joy Luck Club. Although the students did not win the debate, their experience allowed them to hone valuable skills.