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ALP: Effective Communication

Debate Club Members.jpgApplied Learning Programme (ALP): Effective Communication

The ALP aims to address the increasing trend in the use of media as a platform of communication in the 21st century. Through the three-year progressive programme, students will hone their speaking and writing skills via various platforms to be confident communicators.

At Mayflower, Effective Communication (EC) focuses on equipping students with lifelong skills via language learning. As a school, we believe in providing a myriad of opportunities for all students to develop their communicative skills in everyday, real life situations. The EC provides plenty of authentic learning experiences for our students to enable them to acquire both creative and critical thinking skills.

The English Department as the main driver of the EC organised level-wide programmes such as Speech and Drama (Sec 1) and Journalism and Broadcast (Sec 2). In Term 3, the EC also organised the Talent Programmes for the Lower Secondary in collaboration with related industry partners assigned by the Curriculum Planning Development Board (CPDD).

The crème de la crème among the Sec 1 students were involved in a Story Telling session conducted by a Master Story Teller from Story Telling while the talented Sec 2 students participated actively in News Reporting workshops conducted by a journalist from The Straits Times. Students were exposed to impromptu presentations and explored ‘unknown’ elements in real-life reporting and storytelling that required them to think on their feet and respond critically. There was also much excitement and buzz when some of these students presented for the lunchtime crowd after school. Capable students were also encouraged to participate in competitions beyond the school. The learning in the workshops was enriching. Students reflected upon the importance of voice, visualisation and perspectives in storytelling and news reporting, thereby becoming effective communicators.

Yet another unique and interesting activity organised by EC was the ‘town hall’ style In-Conversation session that students had with the school leaders after the exams in October. The intent is to feel the pulse of the school and to find out the student population’s sentiments of the values raised during the Values talk on Mondays. Students spoke candidly and confidently and exchanged their thoughts with the school leaders.

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