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Scouts aims to develop the full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual capacities of our scouts so as to allow them to contribute to the development of a better world. We continuously challenge our scouts to attain the various proficiency badges so as to have the capability to ‘Be Prepared’ in all situations.

Key Achievements for 2017

Best Unit Competition

-       Awarded the Gold Award.

-       Awarded the Frank Cooper Sands Pennant  Award for unit excellence.

Istana Hospitality Award

-       Awarded to Foo Yang De and Chia Kang Xu for their services at 4 Istana events this year.

Chief Commissioner’s Award

-       Awarded to Chia Kang Xu, Foo Yang De, Si Thu Soe, Tan Hang Sheng and Yee Jun Hyeok Brian.

National Patrol Camp



Staff and Committee Members 2017


Mr S.E. Gananedran

Mr Timothy Ng

Ms Su Haiyin


Patrol Leaders

Huang Wenjie

Tan Guang Jun