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NCC (Land)

MF National Cadet Corps (Land) places importance on character development. This is accomplished through our Precision Drill Sqaud (PDS), where cadets develop values of discipline, perseverance and teamwork through a rigorous training process. We also believe in fostering community spirit and commitment in cadets through sharing sessions and VIA projects.

Key Events for 2017

Inter-CCA Skills Sharing

Speech Day Parade

NCC Leadership Camps

Overseas Inter-UG VIA at Pattaya, Thailand

Army-NCC Badge Test

Proficiency Test


Sports Games and Fitness Events

Overseas Expedition ICEPs

1-star Kayaking

BUC Competitions

PDS Competitions

UG SG Secure Programme

Unarmed Combat Programme


Staff and Committee Members 2017


Mr Tan Kok Meng

Mr Tham Wen Xi

Mr Kim Kin Seng

Mr Nicholas Quek

Mdm Lakshmi D/O Bala Thendayuthapan


Unit Sergeant Major (USM)

Muhammad Nurhaziq B Sahul Hameed

Assistant Sergeant Major (ASM)

Yam Yin Heng Ryan