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Table Tennis

Table Tennis – a game that takes place on a hard table divided by a net.

The MF Table Tennis Team, however, is united by each individual’s love for this sport. Through rigorous training sessions and bonding opportunities, our members have developed a greater appreciation and commitment to our team. As a clear result of the team’s determination and passion, the MF table tennis team has once again achieved exceptional results in this year’s South Zone Championships with all Four Divisions being placed among the Top Four Positions. The CCA aims for our members to develop both their skills in the game and inculcate values that will carry them far in all their endeavours.


CCA Leaders

Mr Fam Tong Siang
Mdm Lee Low Eng
Ms Sheeren Binte Nordin
Mdm Su Xiaoling

Chan Shin Yee (3J)
James Raphael Chan Jui Kwang (3I)