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Modern Dance

The Modern Dance Club specialises in contemporary dance which incorporates elements from many styles of dance such as classical, ballet and jazz. During the CCA trainings, we focus on mastering strong and controlled legwork of ballet, floor work, fall and recovery and other techniques.

Key Achievements for 2017

SYF Arts Presentation

Certificate of Accomplishment

SYF Celebrations @ The Malls

Performed at OneKM Shopping Mall

Values-in-Action Project

Modern dance conducted a dance workshop related to the theme of National Day for the pre-school students of AMKMC Kindergarten.

Through this VIA project, the modern dancers were able to share their passion for dance and contribute back to the society at large.


Staff and Committee Members 2017


Mdm Liu Xuefang

Mdm N Iswarya

Mdm Goh Poh Ling

Mdm Norhidayah

Dance Instructor

Ms Kwok Min Li


Megan Low Kai Li

Vice Chairperson

Tricia Tan Yi Ling