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Chinese Orchestra

At Mayflower Chinese Orchestra, we hope to instil an appreciation and enduring passion for music in all our members. We seek to develop our members holistically by equipping them with music skills, and developing their ability to manage their time, plan and organise activities. The leadership abilities of students are also developed through a mentoring programme where seniors mentor juniors in organising activities. Most importantly, we seek to instil in our students a sense of care and compassion for their peers and the community around us.

Key Achievements for 2017

SYF Arts Presentation

Certificate of Distinction

Values-in-Action Project

Throughout the year, our students initiated and led VIA projects to extend our spirit of care to the community. This year, the MFCO performed two Chinese New Year songs for the elderly at the Thye Hua Kwan Senior Activity Centre near school. Oranges were also distributed to wish the elderly prosperity and good health.

Flag Day

Students raised funds for the Kidney Dialysis Foundation.


Staff and Committee Members 2017


Mr Tan Wee Tiong

Mdm Chen Lanqing

Ms Elizabeth Phua


Mr Mike Chiang


Ms Jessica Lu

Mdm Helen Chen

Mr Wu Xiang Yang


Amanda Law

Vice President 1

Chin Yan An

Vice President 2

Suzanne Leong